Greater Richmond Association of Malayalees

ഗ്രെയ്റ്റർ റിച്ച്മണ്ട് അസോസിയേഷൻ ഓഫ് മലയാളീസ്




GRAMAM(Greater Richmond Association of Malayalees), a south Indian cultural organization came to existence in January 2005 to support the Malayalee families residing in Richmond, Virginia and neighboring cities. Our values and traditions are derived from a rich heritage which is rooted in the culture of Kerala a south Indian state, also known as ‘Gods Own Country’. We have more than 300 families associated with us and it is keep growing. GRAMAM members elects an Executive Committee annually and the committee organizes many events for children, youths and people of all ages. One of our prominent celebration is Onam which includes homemade sumptuous Onam meal(ona sadhya) with the full spirit of our harvest festival. We welcome you to our dynamic community!

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  • Our annual membership fee is $40/Family and $25/Individual.

  • Membership can be paid through PAYPAL, CHECK or CASH. See Memebership page for details.

  • We are planning for many programs in addition to our regular list of events. Please tune to our facebook page or emails for more details.

  • We value your suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at


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Upcoming Planned Events

  • Gramasandhya 2020 | ഗ്രാമസന്ധ്യ 2020 on April 4th

  • Onam 2020 | ഓണം 2020 on September 12th

  • Christmas 2020 | ക്രിസ്മസ് 2020 on December 12th


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